When writing texts on the internet, there are some considerations you should take, versus writing for a newspaper or magazine.

Get readers' interest from the start

Most people who read on the internet scramble, or scan the text. This is important to keep in mind, so that you can catch the reader as soon as possible. Impatient readers who click out of most options they see, spend only a few seconds deciding whether or not to click into your page. If you are able to capture the interest of your readers right away, you are well on your way.

Make content easily accessible

There is an incredible amount of information available on the web. To capture the attention of your readers, your text should, first of all, be readable. Whether it can be skimmed, readers quickly understand what you want to convey, and can be crucial to whether they want to read on.

When we scramble, we get some different things with us. This includes:

  • Paragraph
  • Descriptive subtitles
  • Bullets
  • Highlighted words
  • Links

Use keywords

It is becoming more and more common that users are only scanning headlines before moving on to other articles on the web. This makes it even more important to capture their interest as early as possible. Keywords are important in this context. As a rule, readers look for keywords that can confirm that they have found what is of interest to them and that they are on the right path. Therefore, you should make sure that these words appear early and clearly. You can choose to highlight them, create links with your keywords, use them in titles and headings, or similar.

Write briefly and get to the point quickly

It's important to write brief sentences and get to the point as quickly as possible. When people read online, they are often impatient and want a quick return for the time they spend reading. As you write, you should go over the text and weed out unnecessary words. Often the text can be almost halved without losing any content!

Sometimes it is imperative to write a long text and it can seem difficult to cut without removing something important. In this case, you can start with an overall summary, so that readers get the main point(s) right from the start. You get what you want, and your readers save precious time that they would rather spend on something else. It is much easier to keep the interest of the readers when they are already well into the text without having to read through a jungle of words. without having to read through a jungle of words. Remember to use paragraphs!

Write SEO friendly

The best way to be indexed across different search engines is to incorporate keywords into text, often, but naturally. When a reader easily understands your writing, so does the search engines. Resist the urge of overstuffing keywords, but still optimize your page by making smart comprosmies. Think about what your readers are looking for and merge the words into the text as naturally as possible. Make the keywords as accessible as possible and get them into the text as early as possible. Then you have a higher chance that your text will be found by the search engines without the readers having to search for too long. It just doesn't have to be a long text to be a good text. To give the best reading experience, it is important to stick to what matters and drop all unnecessary filler text.

SSome things that are important to consider when writing a text on the Internet include:

  • Write briefly
  • Think SEO
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Get to the point!
  • The text should be easy to read
  • Use shorter paragraphs
  • Start with the most important words
  • Read the review before publishing

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