Sonar is for everyone that owns a website and want higher results.

Here are some elements that Sonar does differently than competitors.

Faster first-time check / scan

In modules like Onsite (who checks your web page for errors and omissions), Sonar will scan trough a website with thousands of subpages within 24h.

No code or verification needed

Contrary to ther systems, like Google Search Console (Google Webmaster tools), we do not require any form for verification that you own the site. No codes, no tags, no confirmation what so ever. That means you can even check your competitors in Sonar.

Faster check / scan when you have made changes

In Onsite, when you have fixed an error – you can either force a re-scan of the page, the whole site – or you can wait for Sonar to check it again automatically (who is done within a few days, regarding to the que-system). It's fast as … a very fast thing!

More thoroughly checks and scans

Where some systems focus on few elements (but important), other focus on giving you a brief view – we focus on all. There is no shortcut to good results, and the only method is hard work and thoroughness. The depth and thoroughness of the sonar scans are positive different from others.


We aim to be among the most low-priced solution for website owners!

Create an account and get going!

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