Sonar can most easily be described as a “collection of web software for website owners.”

The software's mission is to enable website owners to make more money and to have the best possible version of their online business. We have developed a small collection of systems and software to make it all possible.

While Sonar is for online stores or websites, we know that no customers are the same. That’s why we created something that can be personalized for each customer. With that driving attitude, we built Sonar to be module-based, so that every customer can choose for themselves what they need.

All you need is a user account over in the Sonar web app.

Head over to the app and get going! No credit card needed, and setting up an account is 100% free. You will only pay when you order products inside the web app.

Sonar is fully automated, and never sleeps. We also have integrated some cool AI-stuff, to make the software itself self-improving over time. How cool is that?

Create an account and get going!

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