Product Price Description

Sonar Onsite

Onsite $209
per year
Sonar continuously checks your web pages for errors and omissions, to improve speed and increase search engine rankings.

Sonar Rank

Rank $29
per year
We track 100 keywords/phrases for you

Sonar Monitor

Monitor $9
per year
Sonar automatically checks your website, and gives you warning if your site is down.

Sonar Audience

Audience $175
per year
Our team manually audits your website.

Sonar Safety

Safety $285
per year
Sonar will search your website every day, in order to prevent your site for being infected.

Sonar Controller

Controller $950
per year
Controller is a powerful solution, so you can focus on doing what you do best – and leave it to Sonar, and us, to handle the technical stuff.

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